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Papp és társa Ltd.
Hungary, Soponyai street 18.
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Cellphone: +36 70 269 5736
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Welcome to my page!
I got acquainted with making thatched roofs in 1992 and since then I ’ve been continuing this old profession. I founded my own enterprise in 2003. I learned this profession from my father-in-law and I improved it to match with the current expectations.

Zoltán Papp


About tatched roofs
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Thached roofs can last for decades with the right maintenance and design.

The  angle of inclination  should be 45, or higher. It should be made of proper quality material by a professional. The hemming of the ridge must be renewed in every 7 - 10 year.  The compression of the roof must be done every 10-15 year. It can be effected by the environment where the roof is located. The roofs surrounded by big trees need to be maintained more frequenlty than the roofs in a fresh and sunny place. The thickness of the roof mostly depends on the demands of client. The roofs I make are usually 35-40 cm thick. Due to its fine insulation, buildings with thached roofs are cool in summer and can be heated with less energy.



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The main task of the enterprise is everything concerning thatch: covering summer houses, bungallows, cellars etc.  with reed, servicing and repairing them.

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  • Kalmár József carpenter 


  • Nyirő Károly building-trade contractor

  • Address:8319 Lesenceistvánd Kossuth L.út 162  
    Phone:06/87 436-154